Scar Reduction

It is important to note that no scar can be completely removed. Cosmetic surgeons can, however, improve the appearance of a scar and make it less obvious. Sometimes it can be done by injection, other times steroid medication, and again, there are surgical procedures for scar revision.

If you go for the surgical option, excess scar tissue will be removed under general or local anesthesia, and you may be required to have steroid injections at intervals for up to two years afterward to prevent thick scar from reforming.

For more serious scars, skin grafts and flaps may be used. The treated area may take several months to heal, and a support garment or bandage may be necessary for up to a year. Grafts involve transferring the skin from a healthy part of the body to the injured area. With flap surgery the underlying fat and blood vessels are also moved. Flap surgery tends to be more effective than graft surgery as sometimes the skin graft may not exactly match the colour and texture of the surrounding skin.

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